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We work hard to lower our shipping costs to pass those savings on to you. We currently offer free shipping for any customer who has signed up for a subscription or account on our site and shipping exclusively within the United States. Free shipping does utilize the lowest rates available and can take up to 10 business days to arrive. For any order placed without an account or subscription, there is a $5.00 shipping fee.

If you are looking to get your order a little sooner, we do offer a $5.00 shipping option that utilizes USPS Priority and DHL Expedite, depending on the shipping zone in which you are located.

*Orders that are shipping outside of the United States are charged intuitively, based on the overall weight of the package, and the exact shipping address. 

*International orders are subject to include additional processing and handling fees depending on Customs within your country.

Keep your eye out for free shipping and other promotions that we offer to our exclusive mailing list.

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The most common carrier used when ordering with us will be The United States Postal Service, DHL (zones vary), and The UPS, taking less than 10 business days for domestic orders, and between 2-4 weeks for international orders. For any expedited shipping requests, we work with UPS.

To keep shipping rates down, we compare costs between these carriers and ship the most efficient way.


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