All About Our Instant Coffee

Why instant coffee? 

When we were given the opportunity to craft up some specialty instant coffee to send up the International Space Station, it was a chance that we simply could not pass up. Upon announcing our new project and all it entailed, many of our fans and customers reached out asking us to make an instant coffee that they could enjoy Earthside, so here we are! 

How much caffeine? 

Our instant coffee carries a whopping 300mg of caffeine per 4.9-gram pouch.

Is there added caffeine? 

Since instant coffees do generally have less caffeine than your usual brewed coffee, we did have to enhance the instant coffee with some added green coffee extract. This is an all-natural and organic way to give the needed boost our caffeinated family has come to know and love. 

How many calories?

There are about 3 calories per serving of instant coffee. 

Is this coffee freeze dried or spray dried? 

For maximum flavor and freshness, our instant coffee is spray dried. 

In spray-drying, the coffee extract is sprayed into a stream of hot air at the top of a tall cylindrical tower. As the droplets fall, they dry, becoming a fine powder by the time they reach the bottom. The powder is then textured into granules to facilitate dosage and dissolution. The quality of the aroma and flavor are preserved thanks to the very fast drying occurring during this process. Also, it is cold-concentrated at the concentration step before drying, unlike most instant products that are heat evaporated in order to concentrate, thereby negatively impacting the overall flavor and quality.

Is this the same coffee you sent to the International Space Station?

The coffee we sent to the ISS is actually a bit weaker than the instant coffee we are offering here on Earth! Due to the intense conditions of being in space, we can't have our astronaut friends being too wired with caffeine so we had to cut back on the caffeine just a bit.  

Best way to brew? 

There's no wrong way to brew some Death Wish! That being said, we do recommend using 8oz of hot water or milk, stirring, and enjoying! 

Where can I buy your Instant Coffee?

Whether you’re on a plane, a train, a road trip or a spaceship, our single-serve packets of dark roast deliver a no-fuss caffeine fix. Stock up on Dark Roast Instant Coffee today to see for yourself.




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