What's the difference? Mailing List & Recurring Coffee Subscriptions

Below are the differences between being a mailing list subscriber and having a recurring coffee subscription.

Mailing List Newsletter Subscriber:

This, in short, is what keeps us connected. We email you weekly with what's going on here at HQ, you'll receive information packed with our latest and greatest releases, updates on what's to come, and some interesting reads in our blogs as well as our podcast, the Fueled By Deathcast

But there will be plenty of times throughout the week, that we'll send you a message with updates on your DW Stash Cash balances or new products.

Keep in mind:

An Email Newsletter is not to be confused with a Recurring Coffee Subscription, AKA: Society of Strong Coffee — that entails opting into a recurring order of coffee, to be delivered to you at a regular interval of your choice


Recurring Coffee Subscription AKA The Society of Strong Coffee:

Being a member of this program means more than just enjoying a good cup of coffee from time to time. It takes you from being a casual sipper to a full-fledged Death Wish die-hard who knows a good deal when they spot one. 

Just like our coffee, the perks of this membership won't ever let you down. 

Here's what you can look forward to with being a member of this strong coffee society:

  • 10% off of your entire purchase. Every time your order is processed, we take 10% off the total 
  • Free shipping all orders placed within the U.S. will receive free shipping, whether it's your subscription order going out or a one-time order
  • First dibs on new mug releases. That's right. You get an entire day to reap the benefits of being a member and securing your new favorite mug before everyone else
  • Exclusive content in blogs and updates on releases
  • We let you rack up DW Stash Cash for each subscription order processed. So while you can't apply the DW Stash Cash to your subscription, you'll be way ahead of the game with a healthy amount of points without even having to remember to place an order!


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