How Do I Get Free Swag?

For one time purchases:

Freebie Giveaways are only available on and are not applicable to in-store orders, Amazon purchases or eBay purchases.

Anytime we announce a giveaway, we'll let you know by email about the time frame in which the offer will be valid and how to score a free gift of your own without any hassle. 

Are you ready to never fear missing out on a free gift, ever again!?


Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

1. If you’re placing your order on Freebie Giveaway day, the item will be automatically added while supplies last.

2. The item itself may not appear on your order summary/cart, so don’t fret if you don’t see it on your shipping confirmation. If you're unsure, give us a shout and we'd be happy to confirm your order details. 

3. If you placed your order on the giveaway date but it was any time before we sent the email, your order will have the item already included. 

4. If you're a subscriber and your shipment doesn't go out for a few days/weeks/months, we'll have already added the goods to your upcoming shipment so when it does come time to ship, you won't have missed a thing! We can also have your subscription shipped out immediately on giveaway day if you'd rather gear up sooner. 


Our distribution center goes above and beyond to always be right on target in ensuring each order received their promo item from that day, but from time to time; mix-ups can happen and your item may not be included in the package as described.

If this happens to you, just reach out with your most recent order number and we'll gladly check the dates to make sure you receive the current promo item, and have it shipped out right away!

To stay on top of all things caffeinated, keep an eye out in your inbox for our weekly email newsletter; we’ll always be sure to give you a heads up letting you know that if you order on that day, you are IN!


For questions, concerns and requests, give us a shout!

Customer Support:

Domestic calls (518) 400-1050

For calls coming from outside of the U.S., +1(518) 400-1050


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