Processor Declined: Braintree

If your subscription payment information requires updating, you'll be emailed a Processor Declined notification. This happens if;

  • Your card has expired & requires updating
  • Your bank has declined the automatic payment


To update your card and get automatic shipments rolling again, follow these steps:

- Log in to your account using your email address and password

- Locate the Manage Subscriptions text.

  NOTE: This clickable link will appear to be in plain text

You should then see the following options:- Select Billing Information

Delivery and Charge Schedule


Billing information

Purchase history


- Next to the Card On File, you can then choose to edit your card information & if necessary, change your billing information as well.

- Once updated, click Save and it'll take you back to the subscription overview, showing you the four bullet points of managing your subscription.

NOTE: If your card was declined more than three consecutive times, the subscription will be canceled and require re-activating. This can be done by selecting Re-Activate next to each item you'd like to continue receiving automatically. 

- Edit the frequencies and shipping dates using the Edit feature next to the items individually. This includes the freebies attached to your upcoming shipments.

- To have your shipment processed immediately, please contact customer service with your email address linked to the account, by phone or email and we'll arrange to have it shipped out the same day. 

NOTE: Orders will only ship same day if requested before 12 PM, ET.


For questions, concerns and requests, give us a shout!

Customer Support:

Domestic calls (518) 400-1050

For calls coming from outside of the U.S., +1(518) 400-1050


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