Shelf Life & Storage

Coffee, in general, has a shelf life of about six months upon reaching you. That being said, you'll be getting the better representation of our blends the closer you brew it to when it’s received. For optimum freshness, we recommend ordering the whole bean and grinding directly before brewing. Our bags are double-gusseted foil bags designed to keep the coffee at its freshest! Store your blends in a dark, cooler area void of moisture (no fridges/freezers), and away from other foods with strong flavors and aromas. Coffee is pretty absorbent and can take on the smell and taste of nearby foods.

There has been a lot of debate lately on whether or not it's best to freeze coffee. It boils down to a few factors:

How long are you planning on storing it?
Do you have the proper packaging?

If you're keeping a high stock of coffee beans and don't plan on using them for a while (2 weeks+), you might want to stick them in the freezer. Only do this if you have proper air-tight equipment.

The main thing to keep in mind is humidity, as a rapid change in temperature, and exposure to cold will alter your blend, and not for the better. 

The coffee will work as a blank canvas and take on any flavors or aromas surrounding the blend within the fridge/freezer, so we recommend an airtight container to do the trick.


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