GingerDEAD Has Entered the Chat

Please join me in welcoming the newest member of the Death Wish Coffee lineup - GingerDEAD. We're so excited for everyone to try this new blend but I'm sure you've all got some questions so let's dive right in.

What is it? - Our Gingerdead coffee is a brand new seasonal blend that is here for a very limited time. Roasted to perfection and spiced with ginger, cassia, clove, and rosemary; this blend was designed to transport you over the meadow and through the woods in a hell chariot of warmth and splendiferousness.

What, no WHOLE BEAN?! - Apologies but this blend is only available in ground and single-serve cups this season due to our busy production schedule. We hope to offer more variants in the future though so keep an eye out!

Ok, but is it organic? - Due to the quick turnaround for the production of this blend we were not able to get a certification for our Gingerdead coffee, however! This blend was created using all organic ingredients so no funny business.

Fair Trade? - Yes! Fair Trade certified.

How strong is the blend? - This blend is a mix of Arabica and Robusta beans that are roasted gingerly (eh, eh?) and have a similar caffeine kick to our dark and medium roast.

Allergens? Gluten, nut, etc? - Our coffees are free of any nut or gluten allergens and are produced in facilities that are nut and gluten-free as well.

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