USDA Organic & Fair Trade

Being USDA Organically Certified, as well as a Fair Trade blend, is extremely important to us here at Death Wish Coffee.

Coffee that isn’t USDA Certified Organic is fertilized with synthetic nitrogen and phosphates, destroying groundwater in already impoverished countries. These same chemicals deplete vital nutrients in the soil while adding toxic waste. We are proudly certified USDA organic.

Coffee that isn't Fair Trade may use slave labor, terrible working conditions, and even toxic chemicals. Our Fair Trade certification means that the farmers of our coffee get a livable wage and fair working conditions.



Both Death Wish and Valhalla Java Odinforce Blend are USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade! You can verify on the USDA database, and as a listed partner with Fair Trade USA here.

To verify Death Wish Coffee on the USDA Organic list, check it out here.


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