Don't Lighter Roasts Have More Caffeine?

The common myth that light roasts contain more caffeine than dark roasts has been long debunked. The caffeine content lies within the bean itself, whether it be Arabica or Robusta beans.

Arabicas are typically what you come across the most in advertised coffees, "100% Arabica!". The Robusta bean, however, takes the cake on caffeine content. Arabica's distant cousin, the Robusta bean, has held a bad rep due to the lack of care many roasters put into buying them, which is why we work hard to continually source USDA Organic and Fair Trade green coffee. You can find us here on the USDA Fair Trade list

In recent years, they have been cultivated more carefully and have gained popularity. We experimented with several different Robusta beans before finding one as delicious as the Indian Robusta currently used in Death Wish Coffee. This small percentage of Robusta adds more caffeine and a bit of a bite to the flavor.

For more information about our uniquely crafted, and highly caffeinated roast, check this blog out here.

The proof is in the brew. 

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