Ritual Rewards Program FAQs

What is Ritual Rewards?   

Ritual Rewards is our new rewards program! You’ll be able to shop, share and earn your way to killer rewards and perks. If you were a prior rewards member, you’ll see some of the names updated in the rewards program widget. All the features are still the same, and then some! Think of it as a glow up.   

What happens to the points and rewards I already have?  

You still have them! While the rewards you can earn moving forward have changed, any rewards you have already earned and received will stay with you until you use them or until they expire. You can find them in the Ways To Redeem tab of the Ritual Rewards widget on the bottom, left hand of our website.  

How do I earn points? 

Great question! Every purchase you make on deathwishcoffee.com turns into points you can use towards future rewards. You can also take certain actions like following us on social, leaving a review or referring your friends.   

How can I use points?  

Once you’ve reached a certain threshold of points, the available rewards for the number of points you have will appear in your Ways To Redeem tab of the program widget. Click REDEEM beside the reward you want to take advantage of. Navigate to the collection of available rewards merch at https://www.deathwishcoffee.com/collections/ritual-rewards.  Add the applicable merch reward to your cart and apply the rewards code at checkout. You’ll see the cost of your reward removed from the total of your order.

Do my points expire? 

They do, points expire annually from the time you earn them. That means you have an entire year to use them and we send you notification emails about your rewards 30-days and 2-days before they expire, so you don’t miss out on your chance to get rewarded.   

What determines my VIP tier?   

The number of points you earn in the calendar year determines your VIP tier. However many points you have from 1/1/23 to present determines your current VIP tier, while the points you earn from 1/1 to 12/31 will determine what tier you’ll fall into the following year.  

*If you have more points than what should qualify you for the next tier up, but are not within that tier—it's because the program can only calculate to the points you've earned within the calendar year, not overall.

How can I move up a tier?  

The more points you earn, the higher you can go. If you achieve the amount of points in the calendar year required to land in the next available VIP tier, you will be locked in at that new tier for the following year, no matter how many or how few points you earn after that. Your VIP tier will be reevaluated at the top of every new year based on the number of points you earned the year prior.  


Do I have to save my points to move up?  

No! Your rewards are there to be taken advantage of so don’t sit on your points. We calculate the total number of points you’ve earned, regardless of if you’ve used them on rewards.  


Program Terms & Conditions:  


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